Our Cows

The Stud’s foundation cow Windsor Good Pearl J32 came from a very old Australian Herd the Windsor Hereford Stud at Narrabri. J32 enjoyed a very good show career, standing champion at many local shows and placing 3rd in a very strong class in Sydney. Needing to acquire further females the Hollingsworth’s selected a number of females from the Glenwarrah Herd over the next few years. Many of these cow families have become mainstays in our herd and include the First Day, Ladybird and Last Day families.

Since then selected females from the Gorian and Courallie Dispersals have been added, with the Maritana family from Gorian being one of the most successful cow females at Ashmar.

We place great emphasis on our cow herd and require them to be trouble free. We feel that in recent years we have got our cows to a more moderate size, whilst still retaining the performance that we have tried so hard to breed into them. This has resulted in them being great doing structurally sound cows that are willing to produce for you every year, nurture their calf and put you in a great position to increase the income of your end product, whilst still retaining their own body condition and carcass weight.